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About Kanatan

Kanatan is to be a protected, supervised, and welcoming space to accommodate with basic needs those in need of guidance, counselling, and social support to move out of misery. Kanatan is a lifetime solution and Lewis Cardinal has accepted to provide us with the leadership and guidance to get everything in place and going, but he can’t do it alone. Can you join him?

The financing will be started by “ACTION PROMOTING PEACE” (A.P.P). Our first way to raise funds is by offering donations at the price each will decide for the Canadian Wristband.

Next, we will raise more funds by developing job opportunities by developing the portable shelters and building the site location. To get started we need your help to find qualified seamstress/clothing/designer Thank you, it’s urgent.

Kanatan is to be developed and supported by the whole community, it will be the lowest accommodation and access to services solution for the benefit of those who struggle the most on the streets, alleyways, and river valleys of our cities.


In Hope and Faith
Action Promoting Peace


The concept is all about bringing to light the efforts of our…

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