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About Us

The board of A.P.P is formed by people who want to develop solutions to eradicate poverty in our communities and all around the world. Being involved in different charitable organizations some of our board members have experienced the difficulties to support the continuity of their charitable work when depending solely on donations. Therefore, for A.P.P we have decided to find ways to raise the most possible of the funds needed by creating and producing valuable products.
In doing so, not only we strengthen the continuity of A.P.P but we are also creating work opportunity for people here in Canada. Our first product is the “shirt cul de sac”; it’s available in two sizes for children (for 2 to 4 and for 5 to 6 years old boys). These shirts are created according to a beautiful family story. As soon as we have enough funds, we will print the story book with beautiful pictures showing the great love, understanding and support between parents and children.

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